Thursday, January 31, 2008

Soo good

I asked them for less rice and more veges and they gave me...

It was really really really good- lamb this time

But then.....

I know what you are thinking sis, and I looked.
None of the people handling the food touched the dog so I felt ok....

Love talking politics and things.... :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So I remember

Spicy Black Bean Soup : With bleu cheese and Yolk

Herb Seasoned Chicken Breast Ravioli with: Creamy Habanero and Tomato Sauce
Tamarind sauce/dressing
Scented Brown Rice

Thai Vegetables.
Curried Potatoes
Curried Chicken
Tomato Choka
Eggplant Choka (garlic needed)

Powdered Sugar Chocolate Wantons

No salad: I refuse

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A real meal!

One ingredient- Sauteed broccoli and raisins :)

Then Another

On a plate- baked and roasted spicy lamb steak

To eat!

Another way with Marrow

I got these sticks with sis..

It worked!
The pics is before I seasoned the meat

Gnarly Head

Best Red wine I've tasted so far
The people at the abode of O.B.W. (You know I was going to latch onto the name forever obwan :)), introduced me to it.

They, and the wine were great...
So sweet, all of them and they didn't even know me :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can't have...

So the guy said I can't have chocolate, dairy and some other thing before he checks this and that and the other...
I never have much of those anyway but when he said it made me feel to eat a huge chocolate bar and some cheese lol.
That's me Miss Contrary.
So when he checks this, that, and the other they will decide what to do with me obviously...
For now they aren't quite sure what to do with me. I know that they wish I had a gamut of bad habits so they could diagnose.
They seemed disappointed that I didn't drink coffee, redbull or gatorade lol. Even more disappointed that I don't smoke or take medications
Maybe he would sink into the depths of despair if he knew that I ate fruit :)
Whatever -They are going to poke and prod and pinch and shove and whatever else they want to. Then I am going to have a Three Musketeers bar :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Currently trying


It's Irish Cream. Like Bailey's or O'Conners but a different brand.
I already figured out that those two are similar so I'm gonna try this when people come (I can't drink it by myself)

Juicy spicy dinner

Took less than one minute to prepare :)

Dried pepper flakes, parsley, dash of salt and black pepper (like spicy chow) no garlic

Sunday, January 20, 2008

How Mila does it..

Remember how Mila slathers her marrow on bread?

I wanted to try it that way, so for just this occasion I got Rye/pumpernickle and baked my marrows with lots of seasoning.

Toasted the bread till kinda hard
Slathered the marrow on the bread
Its like having scallops on bread..
That's the texture, but it tastes like meat on bread
It was good...
But that was enough for a while...
Its so heavy to eat that.
Look what they did with this Pot-au-Feu

pot-au-feu meat tradition French

I said I would

I was feeling for curry so I made some.
I wanted just a slight hint of curry so I used the Chief Brand Green curry and didn't add amchar or madrass or yellow curry to it.
I seasoned the thighs and then cooked them.

I bought one potato and added it to thicken the curry sauce.

This is a mild curry but I added hot habanero for the spicy element.
I am gonna have it with veges not rice....

More eating

I was on the phone when I made this

I described what I was doing..probably to the utter boredom of the person on the other end but they did ask questions so hey! :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

EAT and EAT Woman man :)

Well I went to a place that L'hF told me about called AnnaPurna. They serve Nepalese food which is a liitle similar to Indian food.

I had chicken and they put some kind of lentil soup....
I will cook that way this weekend for sure.

They served rice I didn't eat all of it. I ate some and it was good but now, tummy hurts a tiny bit..

Anyway I met a friend there and we talked about film, photography, picture taking freaks :), Australian bush women, and all this...really cool and funny...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Somebody may as well eat

L'h F sent me this.

Green papaya salad, this time very strong with onions, garlic and peppers underneath....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

After Commiserating

After one hang out, then the call then another call, I looked at the table.

I didn't want to be tempted to just grab something random and eat it.
So I removed the grabbables and set it up for a real meal.

I would make soup and eat some veges on the plate.
Then I looked at it some more and decided I was tired.
I went and read. Then that last phone call lasted till 11:40
So maybe I'll try again today haha :)

Monday, January 14, 2008


I felt hungry but couldn't eat much when I got there.
The man gave me carrots
For the first time I made them press a sandwich. Then I didn't eat it.
Fruit made less pain but it was like eating cold crusty macafouchette
Everything in knots, so ill
This is what happens to a Cunumunu....
No need for comforting Either -no chunulunks or tunkanunca or doux doux..
I accept the title
I deserve it... :(
Today at least I deserve it...Tomorrow, not so much

Bitter Gall

I ate some.
It was sweet.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Something Something...

I went to lunch and sat in a booth. A girl sat in the big booth in front of me...she was waiting on her roomates.
She got up when the roommates came to get her lunch
Some old dude came and sat down in their booth. with soup and a sandwich
The girl came back and made him move even though he insisted the booth was big enough for all of them.
SO he gets up and sits down in my booth without asking, and INFORMED me that I didn't mind.
I shrugged my shoulders trying to be nice about it
I should have made him leave...UGH I wanted to scream.

He was disgusting...

I couldn't eat my cake. I had to look away
I picked at the icing slowly hoping he would hurry and go away.
He had a grilled sandwich with cheese and cabbage
The cheese and cabbage would kinda drop/drip down from his mouth and he would use his hands to swat it down ..It was so gross.
The girls at the other table would walk back and forth and look at me pityingly.

Finally the guy was done and I thought he was getting up to go get more food.
I grabbed my stuff and made a dash for another table ...
One of the girls said "seriously you need to Run from that table
I almost did...
The dude totally left his dishes there and didn't return.
I couldn't eat after that but I was kinda stressed so I had to sit at a table and drink juice till I felt better...
Next time I'm not having it..No more 'niceness'

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I have to update. I haven't had time to cook, as usual, at least for now. So I have been going home and staring at the pantry and fridge. Anything that's ready to eat and light I grab.

Chocolate, Tangerines, Apples, Mangoes, Lettuce, Vitamins, Water.
Its really already late when I get there anyway.

I don't feel hungry but I feel I should so that when mummy asks I can say I've been eating.
Hopefully she doesn't ask what I've been eating.

I eat a full meal in the daytime, but at night it's hard when I come home and want to read, have to write and then lay down and get relaxed before I can go to sleep...
Sometimes Eating sucks....

Monday, January 07, 2008

Migdatowy Smakotyk

Almond Treat
Magic Nights, Limited Edition =Magiczne Wieczory
Kam brought me this from Poland.

Then he gave me this one which has alcohol.

It tastes like cookie with rum and raisin rice crispy and caramel.
The caramelly part had the alcohol :)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weddings and Cakes

My brother got married.
Here are his cakes

The groom's cake and the bride's cake

My aunt made them I think is what sis said.
I think they came out great

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tofu-Spicy Baked

This time I used the Organic Extra firm Tofu

I cut it up

I seasoned it just like how I would if I were seasoning meat

Then I poured 2 Tbsp Canola oil on

Placed in oven 350 FOR 50 MINUTES AND 400 FOR 10 MINUTES AT THE END and...


It was spicy delicious!!!!!!!

I tried

Ok so I tried this because I saw it done on a show

Place chocolate



Powdered sugar


Tasted really yummy!

BUT!!!!!!!! I wouldnt use low fat crescent rolls next time..too dry or something...
Also you have to eat these warm when the chocolate is gooey :)

Friday, January 04, 2008

Dietary/Food Failures for 2007

1. Anything Gluten Free...OMG I hate to say this but Blech!
There must be a way (I can figure out) to work with Gluten free flour and get a good textured product.

2. Veganism. Since I am low carbing it, there is no way that a diet with few carbs and vegetables with work for me. It's impossible and unhealthy.
I can have Tofu now and again but that gets old really fast.
Animal protein keeps me going

3. Red Velvet Box Cake and Marble Cake from the box.
Not so good....

4. Cooking everyday: I can't do this. I am too tired when I get home.

5. Not entertaining like I want to.
Entertaining makes me braver about cooking for people.
I have to do it more to chase the heebies away...

6. Trying to like onion.
I give up. It's not going to happen

So are you from around here?

I went to a BBQ place in Crawfordville/Wakulla.
It was a rural BBQ place.
I got a smoked Chicken Salad
The girl asked me what dressing I wanted and I said Red raspberry Vinaigrette
She said: Sorry we don't have that...
The cook showed me what they had, and I got one of those selections.
Then the merriment started
The girl looked at us and asked: So are you guys from around here?
I said no
My friend said yes

The BBQ place had animal skins splayed out on the wall.
While we waited for the food I got ribbed by my friend and the owner
Owner: You must eat at Panera a lot!
My friend: Sure you don't want some fresh mango with that?
And on and on....

I dunno what the big deal was..I just bought a bottle of the very same vinaigrette the other day, AND some mangoes...
I thought everyone had these on hand...
Meanwhile I forgot the card to the BBQ place..
It was funny, a pink pig smiling in the middle of the card...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Taiwanese pineapple cake

Yi-T brought this cute pineapple cake for me.
Love the dainty

The taste..yummy.

The pineapple filling is like a hard jelly in the middle.
The cake part is like a sponge coookie... so its like sponge cake but harder like cookie..

Trouble with Choux

I found out why my choux and Trini Choux is soft. Although it tastes great the way we make it for our cheese, chicken or tuna fillings, if we want the French Pastry we have to bake at high temp and then let dry out..also add salt to the dough....
I will try it..

From French Pastry Chef

Bake in a hot oven (425) until they have puffed and gotten some color, then reduce the temperature (350) until they dry out inside. Do Not Underbake or they will fall flat. Cut one open to check the inside for wetness, before removing from oven, if your not sure that they are done.

Additional Comments : Make into small puffs - large puffs - small eclair - large eclair - small buchette - large buchette and riviera shells

This formula will yield 25 to 30 small puff/eclair or 8 to 10 large items.

I missed this

But L'hF was nice enough to send me a picture.

Roasted Peppers :)
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