Friday, August 08, 2008

LC vege

Once again I am trying hard to low carb vegetarian it for a few days.
Just to see if I feel healthier.
There are a surprising amount of resources!
SO I am gonna try it and see how it goes...

Kettle Corn

One of my favorite snacks
sweet and salty at the same time and even better the next day when they are semi stale...Oh so good.
My friend and I used to buy a huge bag from vendors like this guy (well not exactly like THIS guy- he was dancing and singing while he mixed),

and we would share it..we would feel ill after a while and save it for the nxt day and eat it while watching movies
So gross and sooooo good hahah

British and together

We all went out to dinner
Seating was hard for such a big group.
I missed my friends who were in England so I decided to have fish and chips. Gaby took a pic of the menu in their honor :)

My friend who got the mini burgers despised them because of the onions...I would too
They were all wet and mushy and gross. :(

So she was starving afterward because she didn't eat them
Then more people had Italian looking stuff
Then this- chicken skewers. I think he wasn't satisfied because he some of ours too!


SO we all met up and sat on the floor and had such a sweet time
Here was what we had
Tea and juice

I had mango
Za had banana
The rest had black tea with and without milk

Home for lunch

Kam didn't prepare his lunch the night before so he had to go home and prepare some. He sent me this pic
Boiled potatoes with dill dressing
Cooked cabbage

MMMMM sooo good!
I know its good because when he cooked for us that time at his party it was yummy.
He's been dispensing his recipes to us ever since. :)
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