Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another experiment

I'm gonna spend an entire day on the weekend, dresses in one of my going out dresses and heels, just doing chores, just to see how much I smile

I predict this is not gonna work

Because today

Yes this is happening

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hamm likes eggs

He's gotta eat too!


This was unbelievably yummy

I needed a change

I got some rutabaga and some fish

Rutabaga fries made in the oven and herb roasted tilapia

Dangerous eating

It's like that


Friday, October 26, 2012


I saw these.
 The Peter organics were recommended by some celebs concerned for their children's health
 I wanted to try different flavors
 SO I got all kinds
The ones that said superfoods drew me in first
 You know, because of the antioxidant properties

Then some fun flavors that I liked

Then some unusual ones
 I just wanted to test qualities of different brands and see what was what
 Guess what? LOVED them ALL
 Except some weren't totally organic.
 I think in general its not that much more money, so stick to the organic.
 You don't need the extra preservatives they have in these
I was a little worried about that

Best drink

Three ingredients

 Ratio 0.25:1:1

Blitz and serve

Big mistake

I was experimenting
I saw these Cactus pear (prickly pear) and I wanted to try

The guy in the store said they were good and just peel em like a potato

So I got them and brought them home. But I decided to look them up. While I was reading my hands began to burn and there was a splinter in my finger. Apparently they have micro splinters that you aren't aware of.

 UGH it hurt and apparently I am allergic as my whole hand was burning.
I read that you have to be careful even peeling them because if you leave any skin you can get splinters in your mouth and oesophagus
So I didn't take any chances
I pitched them
Never again....

Saddest non dinner ever

SO remember that show scandal?
I'm not writing just because I liked the show, this scene was entirely too good wrt food
They get Olivia to go to the restaurant, and she thinks she is meeting CY.
  Instead they clear it out SLICK, while she is texting and the president shows up
They then proceed with the saddest non dinner in the history

I mean, I was sitting there feeling sad for the both of them, half thinking "Yeh that's about right" and "Nooooooo"
 This can't be good for me

Anyways it's only one hour per week
But I really can't do this kind of stress.
See Olivia's sad face and Fitz' sad face?
That was mine too- We all have done that type of sad before so we know it well.
  But the story is so good. The interesting part is that they chose to do the scene  with the food pretext.
 Watch the show. Get the lines. No spoilers here (except for the pics)


This is how you look on a date with yourself
So cute

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Not one word

That's absolutely right.
 There was no dialogue whatsoever in Naked Island
 That's what made these food scenes so important
 They were part of the longest scene sequences and displayed the life of the family to a tee.
 The life definitely was a struggle, and there was full monotony to it
 The parents worked hard, as did the kids.

However the food scenes showed the importance of each member of the family unit, the bond
between them, and how important food was to the film.
 There was one major food scene and this was it
 Even the animals eating was a significant part
Anyway I liked this movie a lot
 See it by yourself, you don't want someone in your ear, nagging about how there is not dialogue...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

In case you didn't know

Just putting it out there



Your intake should match up
I hope mine does.
I guess you can avoid adrenal fatigue (some of it)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Loneliest dinner ever

So I learned a while ago not to eat with people who are stressful to my sensibilities
Not to eat while stressed or bothered
Watching this scene on Scandal reminded me of that.
 I mean it can really make you ill and then it takes you a long time to recover from the damage
So Fitz is upset and sad and eating
Mellie joins him for the loneliest dinner ever. Felt sorry for Fitz and even sorrier for Mellie.
I would have gotten up and walked away, if I were Mellie. 

Ate later. Or not at all.
That's just too much

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Well I don't mind it but I've been eating more or less the same thing for a long time. Gonna make some rutabaga fries soon, but that's about it.
I can't veer too far away from what I am doing now
A ton of raw and organic fruit
Veggis, some chicken, some fish
It's important
I am feeling better, so when they check again I think there will be good results.
Traveling and dining out is weird because I can only have certain things. I'm still a fair amount of fun but I feel bad for people who have to be out with me. I say NO a lot as a result. 
So veggies





So cute

Monday, October 08, 2012

Cartoon food

It didn't look that great
But it was funny

Tee :))
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