Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Manhood- Nothing

My broham T doesn't care who sees him drink his drink out of a martini glass.
That's why I like him.

He doesn't care about anything....
His Mint Martini is sitting right there.
I didn't like the taste...

All in one

Ok it's Manhattan

It's Foodie

It's Cute

It's Chic
Great Christmas and Birthday gift rolled into one

She liked it a lot



Cris gave me this great foodie gift
She made this preserve herself from Tangerines

I love it
So sweet!

Monday, December 28, 2009

My Top 9 Foodie Things in 2009

1. Chef Novelli's Chef Academy
2. Norma's NYC brunch
3. Julie and Julia- Book and Movie
4. Low carb Trinidad cuisine
5. My book
6. Filming and production
7. My articles
8. Food Tourism
9. Cooking at home.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It was gift heaven

So my sis got me the best type of present.

Something pretty and to do with food.
A great chocolate colored box

With cutesy olive oil and preserves
Gold napkins,

Some kind of sugar sticks...

Tiny champagne
Choclate candy, and so on.
I like anything food
Thanks sis!

And then- I had to

There was red velvet cake
Yes I ate it

Yes my stomach hurt

Yes I am gonna get that checked out


I was so thrilled I got to do what Bridget Jones did (except I didn't meet Colin Firth- maybe next time).

An almost turkey curry buffet with British people (well two- one from Essex and one from Surrey) on Boxing day...

I was Yaying all the time lol!

All different types of curry

Then Naan

Also Goolab Jamoon for dessert

-and of course white wine spritzers
Everything was really lovely

The people were really nice and fun

I had some great conversations

THEN to add to that...

I saw these cream puffs and since I was still in Chef Novelli dream land with his cream puff challenge

I got them
I had them

They were good
But I bet Chef Novelli's was better


Stuff face

It's Christmas.
So what do people do?

Stuff face with Cake

Well at least we did this night

It was chocolate

-and moist and good
-and decadent and we ate it

Then I felt sick after

But It was good while I ate it.

The fun was gobbling it all up KNOWING my stomach would hurt me not one minute later.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Artsy party

So I went over to this get together. It was mainly for my work or a production meeting but they said I should hang out and eat there.

I really liked the people and the place.
The place was full of craft and art
The food was just as artsy

It was all like vegetarian though nobody really was.
So after they ate in a vegetarian way

Chicken on plates was shared out

I really thought it was funny and cute.

Then this cake.
I really know a lot of really different types of people.
It's amazing.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Fail 2

Again my stomach is acting up.
Haven't really eaten anything since the first Christmas party.
Drank Juice.
Hurt more.
Chillin for a couple days till everything calms down.
Meanwhile too busy with editing to stop work...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Yay!

Yet other of my articles published on Halogen!
I am so happy about it.

I sent in more!
Happy Chritsmas presents!


So there was another thing to go to
It was really sweet
We sang carols, played games, and hung out by the lake

Ate of course, and just had fun

There was a variety of food too




All kinds of carby salads

Sweets and the like

Christmas is my favorite time of year
So fun
So sweet!

Friday, December 18, 2009


This wasn't in the box it was in the cushy envelope with the note she sent in the package
I laughed when I saw it

Motivation for travel!

I had to's that time of year

Ok so my sis informed me that she sent me, or ordered me something for Christmas. She said its something Epicurious.

I got it by messenger yesterday.
It was nice. I told her I wouldn't open it tiil christmas, so I took a pic of the box it came in.
I am excited because it is really pretty so far.
She is one of the best gift givers ever!


Its cold so I eat a lot of soup
Vegetable soup.

My stomach hasn't hurt in a long time yay!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The store

I went to volunteer at the store/ co-op for the experience

Never have done anything like this before
I loved my supervisor.
He was a wealth of knowledge and information about vegan lifestyle.

And I liked working there for the few hours
My supervisor took these pics of me working :)

Pretty soon

I am going to make
Pomegranate martini.

and pomegranate dressing
Hence the pic above.


I saw these dulce de leche wafers in the store for 99 cents
I wanted to taste.

I have to tell you they are the best wafers in the world
when you open the packet
The smell is lovely
You should just sleep with an open pack by your head if only to smell this.
You would smell it in your dreams and live a long life i am sure.


Was watching Chef Novelli and then Gordon Ramsay and just had to make these lovely shrimp

I ate with broccoli
And cauliflower
These are raw

Stir fried


This was really delicious
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