Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweet, tart, savory

With mangoes
This one is sweet and tart because we added the raspberry compote with the sweet ripe mango

This one is savory because it has garlic salt, and green tomato salsa added
Both were delicious


This flax porridge with raspberry fig compote is amazing
I am going to have this on the regular.

 Just letting you know


Again with the delicious

Roasted vegetables

Curried spinach, and roasted chicken
It was soooo good

Monday, July 30, 2012


This is good


When we drink that tea


A pledge to inundate ourselves with fruit this summer led to a watermelon binge
Now mangoes
Like so
And So
 Then grapes

 And others

Another meal

This was good
 Roasted cauliflowers and peppers
Baby carrots raw

A compote

With fig and raspberry

It was delicious
The raspberries were tart and good
The fig was sweet and thick
Mix the two and you get something from heaven
I'm telling YOU

For the oven

We put this in the oven
And we got this
Then this
Then we ate it all up

Sooo good

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pure idleness

This is that popping candy that sizzles when it hits water
 I put some on my tongue but didn't swallow it
It popped like crazy
Then I just poured it in some water to hear it pop.
It's LOUD!!!!


Roasted chicken
Either roasted or pan stir fried vegetables
Add other things
We have our meals
 No grains allowed!
No dairy allowed either


Chick peas
We wanted a quick, hearty snack

This is it. Add some garlic parsley salt...

Cool down snacks

This is delightful
Watermelon and cool avocado dill dressing

Delicious watermelon and cucumber with green tomato salsa


Bread shape experiments

This shape seems to yield the best baking texture in the end
The donut shape
 Same flax bread recipe that is grain-free

Shape like so
Place in oven

Get this

Then munch to high heaven

Avocado Experiment

Avocado as dessert
 We wanted to try.

We used avocado and banana and mango

Like so


Like so

Place in freezer for a couple hours

Its delicious
Then another step

I can't have chocolate so this wasn't for me
We added chocolate

To make a chocolate mousse
I was assured it was really good
Especially when we added nectarine


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This happened a long time ago!

Monday, July 23, 2012

It fit

Right here


Roasted cauliflower
With other good things

For the tummy

Veggie Friday

We did this yummy thing

I loved it

It was so good

 Roasted butternut squash, curried chick peas, and amchar spinach and mango
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