Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seaside food

When you are at the seaside there is nothing better than dinner down there

If you dont have to drive you can have this


Mahi Mahi stuffed with Lobster is great

THEN you have the yummy veggies

Mind you the server promised there would be no onions but it was chock full :(
I didn't want t deal with having to wait for them to do it over so i just picked out what I wanted
and left the rest

It was gooood

Or you can just get all fried carby stuff...

Huge Salad

Yeh I ate ALL of this

I think they used a whole bag of salad for this bowl
It was good at least...

I like the bowl, very futuristic...

Nyam Nam

We went to get Vietnamese

I have no idea how authentic it all was because it's not my favorite of all the Asian food I have tried

What I had was good although I have to say I played it safe

Fried rice? Chile please!

There there was this salad thing

And this Vermicelli thing

I didn't try anybody else's

What can I say

I am THAT person when it comes to Vietnamese food

I don't know why :(

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It's full of drinky and Old Gs

I was feeling nostalgic for Blame It

I loved this video

Best ensemble cast ever in a video that featured something edible/drinkable

I love all the Old Gs in there and the shots of drinks

Do you feel me? :)

Best use of low lights and projectors in a video


Love it

Friday, May 13, 2011

2 Different Brunches Same Place

I love this place because their food is excellent
When we had two opportunities to visit
That's where I wanted to go
I had the same thing on both occasions
It's just too good to pass up
Eggs Benedict
The atmosphere was pretty and I enjoyed the company on both occasions
The art
The people
The music
The lighting
The Fun
Me A and W
Then just me and A


Meeting A again

I gotta say
A really knows how to show me a good time
We went to Ferm and had a great time with F
Soooo cute
It's funny to like somebody who is in a band
I am no groupie but I get it now
I always say
yeh he is a rocker
The best time ever!

Meeting A

Meeting A was Groovy
Yeh I said it: Groovy

We went to our pretty place
AND did this
Then this
Ate This
And This
Then did this
Yeh...We only had that night remember????
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