Friday, June 30, 2006

Dessert is always good unless it stresses you out...because it's huge!!!!!!
How do we get round this!
It's always a disgusting mess at the end and your stomach hurts like nobody's business.
In Trini they say that is because 'yu likrish'
Hugs M

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sweet baklava

Mr. Pins got some in St. Augustine when we visted the Greek festival....See my main blog for details...
I never have liked Baklava so he had all that sweet stuff..I
t's just too much sweet for me although I do really like donuts! :)
That is why I have to stay away from them :(

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The food was great there but just too much!
We couldn't take home leftovers so we tried to eat as much as we could.
I felt so ill afterward but not too ill to go to cafe :)

Janice probably felt worse than me.
We had Hummus to start with which was excellent. I forgot what they called those huge crackers Lavosh or something..

I ate some with my meal too!

Sourdough bread and some kind of olive oil and herb dip came next, though Janice had wheat bread.

I had fish with potatoes etc...
Janice had pork. I gave her all my beans so her plate was full of it!

Now the thing is that we had the Double Dollar deal so a word of warning, use the ENTIRE fifty dollars up because they don't make change and you lose what you don't use.

Our waiter was nice but I wish we had gotten a dessert now :( Even though we would have thrown up!
Hugs M

Monday, June 12, 2006

Away Food

Willie went away to a tourny and ate food.
He also Drank stuff.
Here is what it all looked like!
The Burger although Nasty, actually looks as if it may taste good!
It was called the "Garbage burger" and it included everything they could find in the kitchen, including jalapenos and fudge...Michele ate it...Willie was afraid of it!

If I ate the whole thing I would be ill for days. :(
Willie in general is great, and extremely funny but I don't think even HE could work on this alone!
Hugs M
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