Monday, April 30, 2012

D. C.

My sweet peas and peanut dhal with baked chicken breast was delicious

Just so filling and good

Chicken breasts is fairly pale so excuse the color, but the taste was great. again I am not an expert carver so I hacked away

Dhal experiments

After the success of the chick pea dhal (I got no side eyes just yummies), I decided to experiment
So I tried a peas and carrot dhal with ground peanuts
I blitzed the sweetpeas and carrots with some peanuts

The peanuts helps give some texture and crunch
Then I transferred the blitzture to some hot curry (this is important, it has to be very hot curry so that the flavors infuse immediately into the mixture) in a pan and added my seasonings

Parsley, toum, thyme, oregano and a little salt is all you need (you can make it spicier of course)
Then simmered for two to four mins

You can eat it alone  or with anything you wish ( I ate mine with some roasted chicken)

It smells great and tasted delicious
I love experimenting!

Saved some

Remember a while back I bagged some cut up bananas and put them in the freezer?
Well I took some out recently becaause I wanted a nice snack
Some of my one ingredient icecream
Over time, even though they are in the freezer they are susceptible to oxidation and enzymatic browning
But even though they go brown they are still good to eat
So you blitz them

Till they get like this

Then you just enjoy the smoothness

Like so...



Sunday, April 29, 2012


Since all that happened, happened, I modified how I season my food
I took these pics to show
There is no really hot pepper

I use more greeen seasoning
Parsley, basil, lemon (diluted), garlic etc
Will get some cilantro and thyme at the store

Also I am really gonna go less and less with meat and see if that helps some more
See if everything goes better
Just minimal amounts.


I made this  dhal with chick peas and curry
Curry up the chick peas, and simmer for a few mins

Then blitz just the peas alone. Leave the liquid simmering in the pan

Put back in the pan and just let heat again for a minute


Then serve. You can eat with rice or whatever. I have it plain because I couldn't think what to have it with. I didn't feel like having other veggies and I didn't feel like having rice and going through the pain.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prom food

The nerd prom/ White House Correspondence Dinner happened
I didn't see much food but I capt every image that I could
Bread at the dinner

Prep for the brunch

Jon who was a former white house speech writer (I follow him on twitter, talk to him on occasion, and he is hilarious) got this snap shot at a prepart. His caption was : Just pushed past Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer to get to the real stars of the evening: mini spanikopitas

Sooo cool

Jon also got this pic (I can't put the caption)

Then clean up afterward

Friday, April 27, 2012

Food in a Documentary

Y told me about this film about an old (85 yrs) sushi making expert in Japan

I saw the trailer for it and thought it was something that I would like to see

This guy has been doing this for most of his life and his son has learned the craft as well

While I am not a traditional sushi eater, I do eat alternate sushi (switch out the rice for somethng I can eat and leave out the fish)

I appreciate the amount of work that goes into the process

The time they take and the training needed

The Chefs in the kitchens are always hard at work.


I really enjoyed this too

Bok choi

Eggplant, peppers, baked chicken

So good
No pain at all...


I saw Marilu Henner recently
She is 60 and looks like 40 or younger and is so healthy, so I looked her up and yes she has a diet regime.
She is Vegan, and I am not but she suggest things that I have been doing

1. Watch for chemicals in the foods you eat.
Additives and preservatives can be harmful. Read the labels and learn what’s in your food. Eat more natural and organic foods.

2. Cut back on – and try to cut out – caffeine and nicotine.
These are drugs that keep your body from being healthy. You’ll feel better with decaf – or water!

3. Replace processed sugar with natural alternatives.
Use natural sugars – fruit, maple syrup, raw honey, blackstrap molasses and other natural sweeteners. Avoid chemical sweeteners.

4. Limit – or eliminate – red meat.
Avoid the drugs and hormones given to livestock, and the unhealthy saturated fats from
red meat. Select organic, vegetarian-fed, free-range poultry and ocean fish instead.

5. Avoid dairy products (anything made from the milk of another animal).
Like meat, cow’s milk is filled with drugs and hormones (and worse). Cow’s milk is meant for a baby cow, not a human.

6. Combine your foods for efficient digestion.
You’ll have more energy eating fruits, animal proteins, and starches separately. It’s easy to have fruit for breakfast, protein and vegetables for lunch, and whole grains and vegetables for dinner.

7. Reduce the fats you eat.
Fats from natural, whole foods (like fish, nuts and vegetables) are good for you. Avoid saturated and trans fats.

8. Exercise daily.
Break a sweat for at least 10 minutes a day. Exercise helps with weight loss and general well being. Make it fun!

9. Get enough sleep.
Regular sleep restores your energy by giving cells time to repair. Sleep helps the other nine steps work even better.

10. Do everything with Gusto!
Gusto is an enthusiasm for life and a positive attitude about yourself. When you’ve got it, life is good.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


This was one of the best

I really enjoyed it

I could eat everything on the plate and I didn't feel ill at all
I was so relieved about that

I can put this on the list of can eat with no problems

Food in film

This one is Věra Chytilová’s  film called Daisies (1966)

I liked the food scenes because the food was plentiful and the people were just going to town on it all


Making a mess

Dancing on the food

Much irreverence (I don't agree with wasting food though)

AND the best part it seemed like they were having fun

To be followed by food coma no doubt lol!


Cooking green things, means washing green things
(kale and bokchoi for my meals)
I've seen little videos where people say 'I bought organic so I know there is no pesticides and a little dirt won't  hurt'
Actually yes it can.

You've GOT to wash and rewash and rinse and hopefully any dirt and parasites and residues will be mostly gone

Plus even though something is grown organically, doesn't mean that you know EVERYTHING about the origin or the soil, if animals are allowed where the plant is grown, the compost or the water that was used.

You HAVE to clean your food ( as best you can)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This time

I had more onions

This time I blitzed the onions

Then I did that thing to caramelize

Like so

Till it got all like this

Then I had these spinach artichoke crackers

And I made use of them with the onions and some 'eggplant bacon'

Soooo There you go :)

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