Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My own

Now I know I can make my own Hummus

I don't have to buy it anymore and I can add my own flavors like Tamarind sauce and Kaffir lime leaves


Sour cream :)
It's delicious

Soothing black bean soup

For this soup
Heat seasonings in 2 tbsp of Olive oil, till you can smell them, add can of black beans with two cans of water.

Let boil then simmer
Throw in blender

Blend till smooth in texture

Pour back into pan to heat
add sour cream
3 -4 tbsp

Add pepper to taste
So smooth creamy and good
And comforting :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cute Crazy

I wanted this because it was cute

Cute is the new reason for consuming anything!



Yet Yummy

And Sweet

These were good days

Very High

Very High in carb because it bulgar wheat mixed with mashed potato and butter

With one of the most delicious salads because of the dressing


Irish Creams, hot chocolate, coffees and things
First I love the little cups
I loved the Irish Creams
Loved the froth

Loved the cinnamon on top

Love the cuteness

Loved the company

Sweet stuff

The details

The fun

The laughter


For Lindeman's
Shiraz Cabernet
Came highly recommended

I agree
Now I am fully into red wine.
Have it with friends though :)

Do fun things with it

Home Made

Flory made some bread a while ago
It was yummy
SHe made it in a bread maker.
I may try and make some again....
From Scratch
D and I were talking about the best bread we ever had.
The best bread I ever had was bread that Auntie Ruby made in Tobago in the outdoor clay oven.

I have never tasted such fluffy, flaky goodness, again in my life.
No sense in trying to recreate it either.
I don't think I have the patience.
Maybe one day soon, when I can stand to know there is bread rising for an hour, punch it down and let it rise again before cutting and baking
Maybe one day!
I also think she added corn flour
There was an indescribably slight graininess to it as well
Oh BREAD I miss you!


I have been feeling ill these days whenever I prepare meat.
It's strange
I know I still like it
I just don't feel for it as much
Sometimes I go on a binge and just eat it all up
These days I just prefer not to.
I eat a lot of sweet peas...
Mainly because I think they look cute on my plate
What a reason to eat a food.


I bought this book as a present. I got two FYI.
One for Nik and one for sis
Sis forgot to take hers
I found it beside my bed yesterday :(
Its actually very cute.
I learned how to cook with miso and I am going to try it with eggplant.

Mac and cheese and lavosh

Ok this actually is the best mac and cheese I have ever tasted (thanks to the Truffle oil and assorted cheeses)
But I can't have more than a couple spoonfuls per night

The Lavosh was good and included ck

These foccacia were yummy as well

Friend made me dinner

Wow it was so good

Caramelized onions (I didn't eat), ground beef, Raisins, rice, etc.

Also relatively fast to make.

I really enjoyed this meal and the company.


Mine was made with lychee
I didn't like lychee when I had it in Trini

This was delicious though!

All different

This was a little bit of a departure.
I had the same in Frankenmuth a few years ago.

Sauerkraut is just so tart that it overpowers everything sometimes
Maybe I will have sauerkraut today!

Informal dinner

This was really cool and cute!

A potluck with different dished and great company



I had to do this
There was a pastry shop right around the corner

I kept passing by

One day I had to stop in and I had to get something :)

A meal

I like fried fish and rice and soup
Here it is
Fried fish



Where they say fuggedaboudit!

This purely Italian street there
We all had dessert

Cake and zabaglione.

The cake was good, not the zab
I was really disappointed in the zab :(

Sounds like Morma

It was a cool restaurant at Le Parker
I really adored going there.

They gave us these fruit smoothies that were divine...
Then our meals...

I liked the sweet stuff better than the savory which I ordered but both dishes were really rich...

Oh my goodness! Norma's!

Kinda fancy

These things were alright, but I dunno if it was worth the money...

In fact I dont think it was worth it.
I like the presentation

I like the colors

Ironically with all the fancy, my favorite thing to eat was french fries covered in this special seasoning salt (may have been a paprika Lowry's though).


One of the best tasting pizza crusts I have ever eaten was from this 'dive' on some obscure street, sandwiched in between a pawn shop and a garage maybe.

But this was one of the best slices of pizza I have ever had.

Best meal

This was so yummy and so cheap and so good..
IKEA I give you props.

It was warm, filling, tasty, scrumptious
I could not believe I was sitting in the IKEA warehouse having one of the best meals I had on this trip.
Still can't believe it!
It was also very carby and not vegetarian....

Vegetarian and good

I liked this a lot.
But I think I can cook eggplant to make it tastier in general.

After all the eggplant I have eaten these past few months...
I know I can do it.
I have tried so many different recipes at home.

Cake red

I just had to

But I didn't eat the icing...
Kudos for me :)
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