Sunday, October 31, 2010

After the Fear

Being carted through scary woods makes you want normal again

So you visit here

And do this

And chat

To laugh

To recount your experiences

And laugh some more

So Yay!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby Let's Cruise

So we went on that cruise down to the island

I had a great time

We saw the deer (and all their gifts that they left for us to wade through)

We got the great clam soup and we got to throw the shells on the walkway

We saw how they cooked the salmon

All the techniques


While we ate they had a native American dance show

The main dancer guy kept talking to us about his role in the dance and his previous job etc..

He seemed excited which was cool

A great great day! :)

Thanks Cris......

Eggplant fries

What I remember most about Poppy was the amazing eggplant fries with honey! mmmmmm

And the limoncello martini

Yeh I said it


The food was really good there.

We got there really late one night and just had their light menu items and drinks

With yummy desserts

(No Chocolate for me)

The Juice

I really liked Olivar

It's a top chef restaurant

I liked the mural on the wall...which I think were hand painted

I liked the food a lot and the lighting and cozy atmosphere


The service was kinda 5 out of 10

I dunno the girl made me feel rushed.

It's such a nice place though...

I didn't like her at all. :(

Maybe she was having a bad day...

Club food

Before a night of dancing you need energy


I don't feel sorry

It was fatty




Had a great time eating it all up!

Sweet potato fries are the yummiest!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

din din

We met up for dinner before I had to fly out the next day

It was funny

Let me just say that

The food Sucked #yehisaidit!

It looked nice

But tasted just like nothing special

We tried the desserts and loved those instead

Sorry FGF

It's not worth a second trip

Unless we do dessert


Best Crepes


Apparently this place has star rating for the crepes it produces

When we went the owner was the only one there preparing the crepes

She was super sweet and friendly

I ordered a chicken something crepe



Absolutely amazing

Plus the place was so cute

They said the place is usually crowded in the mornings and lunch times
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