Monday, June 25, 2012


Pears with my homemade pickled ginger
 That ginger is the best!

My meal

This is one of my favs
 Roasted Butternut Squash with bok choi

Prep squash

Get One of these

Kinda hard to cut

But get your slices ready

Like so

And So.  Season em

Oven 425 for 25 min turinig at the 12 min mrk

Serve up the delicious!!!!

Tastes so good!


My Bok Choi which I love


Roasting veggies

I took this

Ended up with this

It was really good
The trick is the seasonings

A meal

It's soup
Blitzed veggies mainly spinach

Some chicken

 Very Good

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Food and film Charade

One of my favorite films with two of my favorite actors is Charade

They made a remake starring Thandiwe Newton recently but it's not nearly as entertaining
Anyway Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn star in this and they are lovely as usual

Givenchy designed all of Audrey's dresses of course, as he's done through all the years she's been in film

Food plays an important part in some of the major scenes of the film.

The first scene opens with Audrey eating
  The other food scenes are part of lying and expose scenes

Like so and
 Like so

I love this move...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Food in film Das

In Das Fraulein, you gain a deeper understanding of the characters and how they start to evolve with gestures that involve food

Ruza starts to soften up and let down her guard when Ana brings her her lunch and makes a vegetable flower to  cheer up the mood

It progresses from there.

They work at a lunchette, so food is always around.
  However when they focus in artful ways on the food, it brings deeper meaning to the story

As the story progresses even more and they find out things that turn their lives in a different diretion, the story utilizes shots of food and music to explain what the charcters are feeling

It's very interesting how they use these elements to convey feeling when they could have used other.
Actually when you see the others, you will only compare them to how the director uses food.

Some of the non-food scenes are really good, but artistically only a few are very good.

Use of food however turned out to be very effective
 Very good work.

Food in film

The first in a series of important moments in the movie London River
 Occurs in the kitchen

The second major one occurs very close to an ethnic butcher and bakery

It gives a clue as to what is to come

I particularly liked Sotigui Kouyaté in this film
He gave some sad spirit to the film and drew you in
The film is very very sad and really really good
You definitely have to look at pretty pictures and have happy music when you are done with this
 It's the sort of film where you feel very hurt, because the people don't communicate well till very late when they really should have very early.
It's a shame but it all came together...still very sad. A great story
The point is that many of the strongest moments of the film, contained images of food or people interacting with or around food. Just a reminder. It's very sad

Food and film...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Homemade peanut butter

I just felt for some peanut butter.
I haven't had any in years
I blitzed some nuts
Added 1/2 tbs of a natural sweetner
And 1tbs of vegetable oil
Blitzed till it got like this

Then transfered to a container

It was so good
I think better than any store one I've ever had

  So I had it with some of my 'bread'

Homemade bread

There is this guy guy who makes zero carb bread but it has lots of egg
I can't have egg.

I made this bread with dark flax, nuts, raisin, baking powder, vegetable oil, water (grain free, gluten free, dairy free)
Oven at 350 for 25 mins

It smelled good in the oven
It tasted really good too
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