Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Block

We visited this place where they sell fresh meat, fish, gourmet cheeses, wines and so forth.

They even have wine tastings which I am really glad about too!

So I think their wines must be good but I won't buy any till I get to a tasting

They have my favorite cheese - Manchego

I also saw a Chimay cheese- how freaky is that!?


All sorts of other things too

I mean it was alright.

I bet there are other better places but still

It's always good to explore

Always good to find a new place


Korma, Curry and things

So I went with J, L and some others to have curry at this cafe

J really called it.
It really wasn't real Indian food at all

I liked this mango lassi.

There was also some sweet lassi.
It was not bad
I was starving after laying trail so I kind of ate a lot


To those who expected authentic Indian, it wasn't so pleasant
I feel bad about that.
They've only just opeed so I hope they don't close down

Thai Thai

At my suggestion we all got Thai
Red curry
Green curry


Yummy things...

It was a hilarious outing

We talked about food the WHOLE time
Foodies unite!


Book Club baby shower was the best.

They always cook the best stuff




The works!

I love it

Yes yes

Seems like I love everything

Yeh it's been good :)

Tastes like...

I've been introduced to a bunch of beers from around the world.
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A friend of mine got me this one which was a honey basil.
It was good but it was like drinking basil.
It therefore tasted like pizza or pasta! If you can imagine that

Then this other one at the wine shop tasted like chocolate and pomegranate and stout
Its all very very amazing
I love trying new things

I feel happy :)


We always have brunch

To meet up and catch up

We changed venues this time and it was well worth it

It was more Sunday Brunch in a night club setting which was cool and weird yet cool lol

My food was really good

I liked the whole thing but it was a goodbye brunch so it was a little sad too.


I don't know what we were doing but we came from somewhere
We were socializing or something and then suddenly we were starving!
So we stopped at this place and ate a plate of hummus

Just like that
With spoons

That is all
STARVING- it was soooo goood!

Colombian and Salad

We decided to get Colombian food but we were still low carbing it
So they gave us a Colombian twist on normal salads
I must say


I was so happy

D got carby stuff

The company was great too

We had just come from antique buying...

Pretty Food

So I had to catch up with Wila

It was a business meeting as well as a "what's been going on?" "lets collab" kind of meeting

So we went to that pretty place with the pretty food

It was heavenly!!

Wila's first time with sashimi ( I probably won't ever try it)

I had an avocado salad

FYI they had the best lemonade I ever tasted


Was this.

Was good.


Hashing is great

It's also amazingly tiring

Thankfully there is always food around


Things that I don't eat often but will once a month kinda food
Tee hee :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The outside market was so cute

I love it there

I really enjoyed walking around looking at all the food!

It was a really cool experience being around the people and the food

However everything was just so expensive

I don't get it!

I mean I know its free enterprise and home grown or home harvested but come on.

What happens to that food when you don't sell it because it's so expensive
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