Sunday, November 28, 2010

Across the board

I sometimes dislike holiday cooking.

There is always too much food

It makes me not want to eat

Everybody is full and ill by the time it's done

And we all HATE the food by the next day

So then we have to freeze everything

Pal is lucky- He's gone away for a week and won't have to suffer through this.

I wont either because I am going to ditch a lot of it

Except for the cake with I love

I gave Deb half.


The best part is hanging out talking for hours

Then watching movies

It's like the most fun time ever!

This makes the holiday so worthwhile.

Friends are cute :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Healthy Tea

Wila makes kombucha...a tea that is good for health

She grows the Kombucha 'mushroom' which I think is hella interesting

It just grows and grows and grows



I love looking at it

But that is a LOT of tea to drink

Just sayin...

Soupy Party

This was a soup themed party

So all the guests turned up with soup

Or salad, and bread
It was actually pretty cool

Everything smelled so good

And looked good

We were all laughing and having fun

Twas a really good time

As usual the host was really accommodating and lovely :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Place


Well I went to this place with kinda high hopes

It was ok...

It was pretty there with nice music and relaxing atmosphere.

The food was actually good but I dunno..

The food was just OK for me

I would try it again just to see because everything else was really good and appealing


Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sci Fi movie time

When you decide that its sci fi movie night

True blood and Gattaca watched by sci fi nerds
You get





Then talk the whole time during the movie, and so a movie that is 2 hours long takes three hours to watch with all the rewinds :(

The 61s

French wines

We hit this tasting hard

We got the whites and the reds

I gotta say that the reds were better this time around, although I did particularly like one of the whites

The 'teacher' really gave us some good information this time

I was impressed
I am getting more and more into the reds because they are easy to drink on their own

The whites go better with some meals-lighter meals

My favorite was the Chateau Julien Bordeaux

Although the Chateauneuf de pape Bordeaux was very thick and yummy

Thursday, November 04, 2010

OOOh dear

OK TODAY I ate the yummiest sandwich ever

It was a BLT

The T was tomato chutney and that pushed it over the top.

I am, going to try and make that sweet yummy decadent chutney myself and then put it on everything!

It was heavenly

A got the lamb

but he tasted mine and really liked it

THE BEST lunch

Followed by the best zucchini muffin...

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Nice places

I wanted to try lunch in a nice place

I usually only go to dinner here but I decided since the remodeling that I could try the lunch

The menu items are named so cutely

It totally made me feel hungry and I was in town anyway

So I got this

I liked the atmosphere and the music

The food was good

The service was tiny bit slow and I saw some pink on my lamb (don't like any pink on my meat)

Overall I would do it again.

You also get to see what the retired people in town do at midday!

When I was 12 I read a book about an old lady who was in that club of women with the red hats and the purple coats. SO when I finally saw it....
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