Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A La Carte Kinda Sucks

I went to a new place for lunch with a friend of mine.
The waiter said everything was a la carte.
Fine, Great, Good
Turns out that even though your food is good, you spend 22 dollars on lunch instead of the 7 dollars you had in your bag.
I don't give this place long to remain open. I went during lunch hour and there were only three tables full.
I like the fancy food but my friend could cook it better.
I like the waiter trying to speak with a french accent when necessary.
I like the art on the walls.

Didin't like the long wait and the high prices, and no bread.
I hate to gripe about restaurants that actually serve great and gourmet food but this blows. I can't go back there.
M :(

Friday, February 10, 2006


I have been taking Acidophilus capsules for a while now and as a probiotic it really helps with digestion.
If you have digestive problems and eat the wrong food combinations in general, probiotics really help with digestion.
In my experience, it has reduced the frequency of my stomach aches, and I feel much better taking it.
Hugs M

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

One Per Day

One snack that I really like a lot and eat one per day, or one every other day is the chocolate covered oreo.
Now seriously, Nabisco (who I worked for in their microbiology lab when I was just out of undergrad and in transition to grad school), doesn't need to cover oreos in chocolate.
Each one of these bad boys has 90 calories. So can you imagine eating 10 in one day?
That's why I only eat one per day or one every other day. It lasts a long time that way and I don't make myself ill eating too much of the sweet stuff.
But I really like this cookie. This and any great tasting chocolate chip cookie are my favorite (for now).
This is kind of gross to say but I suck and lick the chocolate off the cookie, then I nibble all round the edges, slide the cookies away from the cream, lick the cream all off, and then nibble way at the chocolate cookies till they are all gone.
With chocolate chip cookies I just eat and eat till the whole box is gone. That's why I never buy them.
Tee hee

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rangoon It

I think I could have just Rangoons for dinner and be happy with that.
Last night I had Chinese food for dinner. The Crab Rangoons and the Wanton soup were the best part. I could eat them forever, and together!
This is only interesting because I have been searching for the best Rangoon in town, and I finally found them on Pensacola Street. I had to go through a lot of Rangoon on Tennessee, Monroe, Apalachee and Thomasville to get to these, so I am really happy now.
The Wanton soup was also the best in town. Warm with only a hint of ginger and just enough shallot for that 'fresh' flavor. Oh so good! Not tangy just warm and comforting and good.
Umm when people in China go out for dinner do they say "Let's go out for Chinese food" or just food?
Hugs M
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