Sunday, February 27, 2011

Brunches and dinners and other things

Whenever I take a trip there are a lot of dinners and brunches out
When I met with A, W, Or T we just hot the epicurious scene HARD

So Here we go

There is This





Check this out

Look at that

Think about this



and That

Drink it in people

Drink it in


I had some baba ganoush and roasted cauliflower on my trip

It was so good
I had to try it at home

But I had the best time
Laughed a lot

Just relaxed and had fun...

The other thing on the plate

I am trying a curry roasted cauliflower
I got my olive oil and added curry and pepper

Then I got my Elephant garlic

Cut it up

Added to the mix

Then I added some dry seasoning

And poured onto the cauliflower to coat the florets

Then roasted at 400 for 30 mins

AT the halfway point I took it out and sort of mixed it all again to continue to coat the cauliflower

You smell the curry and the garlic while it's roasting

It's so good


Otherwise known as baba ganoush or baigan choka (trini ting)

Got my eggplant/baigan/ melongene

Two huge ones

Then I put my slits in it to ready it for the heat

I get my favorite thing ready

My elephant garlic (easy to peel and cut)

Then I cut into strips

To put into the slits of the eggplant

My oven is preheating at 425 just FYI

Then I position my eggplant on this try (if anything drips it will go into the pan)

I turn these every 10 mins for 40 mins

This whole time I am smelling roasted garlic infusing into the eggplant.

Then I get them out and let them cool


Scrape the cooked eggplant into the bowl


CHONKAY is heating some garlic and oil to pour into the eggplant/baigan but I am adding some HOT habanero, salt and a dash of lemon juice

And tahini


Soooky Soooky now!!

I want to just say that this is he most heavenly thing I have eaten in a while...omg
I challenge everyone to a cook- off

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trying something new

Well now that I am thoroughly over chocolate I decided to try something new

I saw these macaroon cookies and thought it might be a good idea to get them

I did. I tried one, and it tastes just like macaroons
Which means yummy.

One at a time :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Day

I am trading recipes back and forth.
In the mood for broccoli today

Sauteed them and seasoned them with
Black Truffle oil

Then some green peppers and carrots

Then roasted chicken

Its so good
On my hand painted platter :)
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