Friday, October 30, 2009

No Deal

At the store there was a deal
You get two of those tubs of ice-cream for $5.00 so I decided to get it.
I also decided to break with convention and get flavors I don't normally eat.
Try to step out of the box as they say
I chose mint chocolate chip
and butter pecan (instead of vanilla).
The butter pecan should be fine but the mint is too minty
Reminds me of toothpaste and medicine with candy
It's a huge tub of ice-cream...
I will taste it one more time then if I don't like it
Via con dios...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

From Scratch

I was reading through my Naparima cookbook and realized I have everything in the pantry to make cookies from scratch

So I took this and some baking soda and salt

Creamed the butter and sugar (can never have too much sugar)

Added the chocolate hazelnut and an egg

Mixed in flour

Dropped them on greased baking try

Cook for 12 mins and Voila!

Soo good to smell

No I haven't eaten any yet! I liked making them.

Devoted to


I think I will buy them more often.

They are sooo good


Tried meat loaf after a long time of not having it.

I like meatloaf lol!

A soup

Ok here goes
I did this (started with a stew and curry mix underneath and then I added broccoli and dumplings)

And this...It doesn't look like a soup just yet but hang on.

It turned in to this

Looked nice

So I ate it...Its spicy and yummy and warm and goooood :)

Yeh I am into broccoli a lot.

Wanted to

I've been smelling bread in the foods lab all week, so I wanted to make my own.

I did.

It smelled great.

When they cooled, I put them in bags and froze them in case I need bread crumbs for anything
(No I didn't eat any)

Dollar Happy

Well I have been buying these from the store
One dollar each

They are fun and precut
This makes my life easier and happier
Filled with healthier choices
Easy on my tummy (compared to bread and such...speaking of which...)

In the Blender

Put this

To equal Lunch- eat with a spoon

Friday, October 23, 2009


I have to give a presentation to a food and society class on Trinidad cuisine.
I think they will like hearing about it.
Gonna talk a little bout the history and how our cuisine became so diverse etc.


Anytime I visit the Asian grocery store way on the other side of town, I am tempted to get Haw flakes.
I used to eat them a lot when I was little
Sis brings some everytime she visits but I can get them here really easily.
I never to get them though.
Its like eating hard candy but not.
5 calories per flake (but there are many flakes)

Wanting to try

I had heard of them before but only when I saw The Transporter, did I really like how they looked and then I wanted to really try them.
When the girl made them, it seemed so easy and they seemed so yummy.
Maybe I'll look up the recipe

Customer service

I have to give props to the grocery store that I tend to visit most often when I need 'little things'.
The staff are very friendly and very nice to me.

I always appreciate when anybody is nice and pleasant so it makes me feel good to go there.
no matter what section I am in, invariably one of the workers who is stocking stuff or even just passing by would ask me if I need help with anything.
The Fresh Market
Sometimes I do need help and they are great at helping.
Other times if I am just looking around at the cute or fancy stuff they have we might strike up a conversation about new trends in food in the grocery store etc.
How cool is THAT??????????????????

I love it.
I like anybody who wants to talk about food anything :)))))

Another revisited snack

I think I said this before but I will say it again.
Another thing to have in the pantry on hand is CRAISINS
OMG they are heavenly.
You can eat them as is, but I will tell you that they bring out the flavor of anything else you have them think to combine
Try them with salad, curries, stews, bread, rice, pasta.
Sorry raisins, I love you, but craisins be 'ballin' :)

Ok Ok I know

I am being wish washy.
One minute I am up, the other minute I am down.
Then I talk to Mengna and I am up again.
Then I talk to sis
Then I talk to Mai and Sabrina and I am really up
I feel so much better
Guess what I feel for...
No, not cake or cookies
Broccoli slaw
I have been buying tons of it fresh from the store
It's so good because I don't have to cook it very long if I am going to sautee it
Or if I eat it as slaw itself then I don't cook it at all.
Yes it tastes really good. I mean it doesn't really have a flavor you have to add things to flavor as you please, but that's a good thing because you do to do whatever you want.
Yeh I said it- "Freedom!"
It's a running theme with me. I like being able to do what I want when I want and how I want...within the guidelines of good sense etc...
ps. I anticipate a few more bouts of melancholy before I am thoroughly done with stress..


Remember on the TV show friends that running gag about "We Were On a Break!"?
Well I loved that gag because it made for a lot of great jokes.
I was thinking how much I laugh every time I hear that.
I am usually NOT eating when these Friends episodes come on but what would I like to be eating when it does?

Cold Pizza- because they ALWAYS eat pizza on that show.

Rice- Because I haven't had it in so long...
Soup (really choke myself)
Cold Cucumber soup - Because Phoebe got mad that one time Rachel ordered it and Ross wanted to make everyone pay equal share of the bill when he had duck or something.
I should make cucumber soup...

Food things

Ok food things that cheer me up

1. Celery - cuz I get to dip in sesame orange honey dressing :)

2. Looking at cupcakes - they are so cute and you know they taste good

3. Nabisco chocolate chip cookies- anytime, anyplace.

4. Jasmine rice - because it reminds me of the first time I had Thai food. I was changed forever.

5. Thai soup. It makes me laugh. A vegetarian friend of mine had a ck experience that I always laugh about when I think of it.

6. Habanero peppers - just because

7. Portabello mushrooms when I am in a vegetarian for the day mood

8. Cold hot chocolate with bits of dark chocolate candy in it.

9. Sweet potato- fries, pie, decadent carbs

10. Eggplant- so many ways to cook it

11. Pretty, chic, sophisticated, low lighted restaurants

12. Hole in the wall restaurants in far away towns, that nobody knows about.

13. Pretty plate ware

14. Wooden bowl ware

15. Amuse bouche

16. Dark restaurants at night when its raining outside

17. Warm (not hot) food

18. Cold (not warm) pastry

19. Sauces- doesn't matter what. Just sauces

20. Eating with people - not fast food

Keep forgetting

I need to look for lard when I go to the store.
I am practicing with pastry dough and flaky pastry only works if I have lard.
Maybe I will remember since I wrote this.

Experimenting with

All kinds of tea
My favorite is Mango tea
But I like
Irish cream tea
Going to try clove tea.
Mainly for health reasons because I really do not like cloves at all.
The aromatic spices are not my favorite (cloves, anise, nutmeg, cinnamon), blech.
Seriously Blech!
I haven't ever eaten cinnamon bun without being goaded into it.

Questions Questions

Food Questionnaire

1. Do you eat a nutrition/fun bars for example luna bars etc?? What's your favorite?
No. I tried to a couple of times and they were gross.

2. Do you eat food when you are sad
No I generally can't eat when I am sad or stressed or agitated or anything like that

3. Do you eat breakfast?
No. Too stressy to do first thing in the morning

4. Favorite ingredients?
Marjoram, Dried onion, habanero pepper, garlic, Thyme, Rosemary, dill

5. What is your favorite frugal/cheap trick to save money in the grocery store
I generally buy in bulk and then plan meals around what I have in the pantry.

6. Dream food related job?
Tons of them! Research Chef who writes as a critic, and does TV would be the Ultimate! :)

7. What one bad food habit do you own up to?
Rushing to finish eating so I can do other things.

8. Favorite food events?
Cooking Demos like at Epcot or at IFT RCA sessions, f ood festivals, and dining with people

9. Desserts?
Cakey and creamy stuff

10. Favorite Carbs?
Rice and Potatoes mmmmmmm

Still in that place

However Evernote is a big help.

Stupidly fatalistic

I'm wallowing for no good reason. I despise this state.
Stress is the worst...
Thanks M. Lazenby for use of this great pic


Not hungry today.
Probably won't be hungry in the coming days.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have dried sorrel and have yet to use it.

Gonna make sorrel drink and chutney.


I've been thinking about sweet potatoes.
They are really really really carby
If I make the sweet potato pie and the sweet potato pancakes
I am definitely gonna eat them!
Mark my words...


How does a department feed all the members easy and fairly cheap?


So someone goes out and gets it

With salad because we have to remember we are trying to be healthy

But there is also pie...

And then everybody goes for it! :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tweet Tweet Tweet

SO I didn't like twitter before.
I thought it was a waste of my time. But sometimes when I just have one sentence to say about food that's too small for a blog, then I tweet it!
I love that I can do it by phone.
Now I tweet all times of day (but mostly at night)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fancy Nosh

So we went to this place
We wanted to try it out because the menu was really nice and the atmosphere seemed relaxing and a little posh.
I had this: crispy ravioli and sweet spicy shrimp

Cris had seared tuna

Za and Flo had salmon

Then we had desert
Creme brulee

Apple something with icecream.

Then we went to the rooftop lounge.

It was nice and freezing up there so we couldn't stay long.

Everybody else had jackets
The scene was totally legislative.. Full of politicians, lawyers and business people.
I liked it :)
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