Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I don't keep snacks at my place usually because I don't really eat them at all.
But I am having people over so I have to have some snacks.
Snacks like Oreo cookies, Nilla cookies and icecream. Thinking about that makes me ill. I am not really a sweets fan.
If I eat too much of that I get ill.
Cheetos are my weakness, so I can't have those in there.
I am having people over on Friday and will cook for them.
But I am a little stressed.
I know what I will have for their gift bags but not sure what to cook. Oh well...if I get too stressed I know KFC will be open.
Hahahaha. Jamie Foxx gave me that idea!
Hugs M

Monday, January 30, 2006

Thai Lunch

My friend Jason and I went to lunch on Friday.
Thai food is my favorite.
I almost always get Spicy Green Curry, and I love Jasmine Rice.
He got some noodles thing and since he'd spent 6 months in Thailand, he could speak Thai to the waitress. She was so happy that she kept talking to him whenever she could and exclaiming at how well he spoke it.
When I visited washington D.C. I ate Thai food for lunch and dinner. EVERY DAY.
It got to the point that I became friends with the wait staff there.

In Tampa it was the same. I got to know the whole life history of one of the Thai girls there.
All this is important because I really never get to eat this stuff with Janice. She can't stand the smells (hahah).
Hugs M

Friday, January 27, 2006

To Drink From

Well not only do I like food, I also like the funky plates, cups and other utensils we can use. I found these great cups in New York, on a great deal!
There are even covers for them with cute pictures and curliques.
I don't collect utensils really but there were too nice to leave behind. Too bad I don't really drink tea too much or coffee, but for display purposes they are great.
When I have company over they can use them too. :)
Hugs M

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My First Post Here

I love eating food and I love writing about food, places that have food, food and culture, and when food sucks. I'll post more soon!
Hugs M
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