Sunday, December 12, 2010


Yoga Pal (YP) were watching movies too

YP got hungry- had been starving because he was waiting on me

Except I wasn't hungry

So when we finally figured that out

We stopped the movie so he could make a wrap and eat veggies and hummus

I felt awful!

It was great though because we ended up laughing a lot
First at the movie then at the food
Great times :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The process - Part 3-Fin


Before the movies we get to eat

It wasn't that complicated which was good (and I didn't have to cook)

But it was fun, stressing over if it would work out the first time

Which it inevitably did

Asian dumplings

Rice and


Chopsticks for everyone and THE (fake) HORROR of steaming broccoli in the microwave LOL!

While drinking wine no less. LOL!!!

As it turned out everything was THE YUM

That's how we roll up in here!


The process - Part 2


We are doing a lot of reds these days

We had a lot but we opened 2

The Pinot Noir, and the best one, the Negroamaro Salento straight from Italy.


Absolutely Amazing

Opening them is alos a process though...

Have mercy!

The process - Part 1

Ok so here is how it went

Pal was set to cook for me

I didn't know exactly what that meant so I made some simple starter to try.

Just while we were waiting on the real food


I put out my favorites

Olive Bruschetta

French Bread (carby but necessary for this plate)

Pecorino Romano


Jalepeno honey

The combination of flavors was magical

I have to say it went over very very well

It was also fun just stuffing our faces and using our hands to eat it all up

This is the life!


Apparently there was some hunting

Then people did a stew

Stew in a crock pot

With Bread

And sweetbread

And Ricotta bread


And Espresso
Most of all, fun...

Sunday, December 05, 2010


I wanted some cheesy tarts

5 different types of Cheese

Spicy Mustard
Place into Shells

350 for 20 mins



Friday, December 03, 2010


Mulled cider and a candy cane when you are watching Christmas parades

It's the most Christmassy thing to do

And its like Yay

I must say it was was fun

A little exhausting

I was kinda tired before hand

I really need more sleep I guess.
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