Thursday, May 31, 2012


I am only posting this because I like the packaging
 I don't drink
It's called Utopia

Good things

Roasted vegetables
Cauliflower, carrots, sweet pepper
All rosted and so yummy

 The carrots get extra sweet from the roasting


A parsley roasted chickpeas snack

Hits the spot when youa re hungry
So delicious

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Iggy Azaelia put this up and I thought it was kinda cool...
I only like one song of hers so far...I dunno how much of a fan I am
However this has to do with eating so...


Say it with food (but say it with your words and actions too) :)

It just looks interesting

I really have never been a coffee drinker. I liked the smell of it and tried to try it a couple times with disastrous results.
I'm not even over reacting when I say that
However I like to look at people who do drink coffee (or tea on the regular to relax)
They REALLY enjoy it
They savor it

It's like a THING
They do it every day or every other day and it's a part of them
I never think about it
They always do
It's amazing to me
But I always think about water so I guess that's similar

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Film and food

I like when there is a pivotal food scene in a movie that has very little to do with food
In A Woman Under The Influence
Peter Falk's character has his work mates over for lunch and  it's an uncomfortable business because everybody can tell that there is something a little bit off with his wife played by Gena Rowland
 She is pleasant, but overly so
Nice but overly so
 Intrusive in a weirdly sweet way having come off a night bender
Poor Peter Falk. I thought he was fighting back tears the whole time.

Meanwhile this scene was important to bring reality to what was going on in the house when nobody else from the outside is around to see.

Nothing like food to get things going.

 And somebody yelling to make things really uncomfortable
This movie was very good but very sad. Just FYI. It kinda made me feel ill but it was a great movie.

Monday, May 28, 2012

They are

From Brandon generator
 I think they are trying to build a story based on this guy's coffee addiction

It's interactive
 I'll just watch
The illustrator is everything though! :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012


My sis is eating like me!

She sent me a pic of her meal
I like it!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A lunch

Now that I can make my 'grain free' bread I want to have it all the time
 I got two out for lunch and heat them in the oven with some toum/garlic spread

OMG when the garlic spread melted on there

It was heavenly.

Warm and delicious.
I can't wait to make more

6 heads

I had six heads of garlic and wanted to make some toum fast
I don't like peeling garlic
SO I used that trick
Place the open heads in a pan

Cover the pan and shake it like crazy for 20 seconds
Peeled in no time :))))
Time saving like a muther! hahahah


I season my food much more differently.

With more herbs, less pepper
It really brings out the flavor of the chicken...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Beside myself

Yes I was beside myself with joy over this creation.
I wanted to make BREAD but I can't have flour at all, and the types of grain I can have is limited to like one (oats) - and sparingly. Pretty soon I won't have any type of grain. SO like THIS great flax, grain free recipe I tried mine.

So I used Flax. I like the dark flax but other prefer golden flax

Then I blitzed a little oatmeal

Along with some sunflower seeds

Then I mixed with the flax

Added some baking powder and vegetable oil.

Till it looked like so

Then raisins

Then  added boiling water to bind.
I shaped into little breads

Baked at 350 for 25 mins

The house smells great.

It tastes delicious.

The rasisns give a POP of sweetness that is so good.
You can eat with anything. I recommend eating it hot with some butter (if you can eat butter) or whatever spread you have
Sooo delish. Tastes exactly like bread. I ate two of these straight from the oven as is.
When i feel for bread I can have it. Yay for flax.


Bok choi, and garlicky sweet peas and carrots

With baked chicken breast in a curry sauce

Yes It tastes good

I snack on raisins

But I dunno. I may need to  find something else. I feel some pain with the raisins. 
Not a lot but it's every time I have them

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Food and fashion

The Chanel Paris/ Bombay Pre Fall 2011-12 show was held in what seemed to be a long banquet suite,
Everthing was gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, and glamorous

However, if you are sitting, the food would seem to be to be a distraction. you can't really see very well at different angles if candsticks and tall food installations are in the way.

Still a pretty effect though.


This is NYC 1922.
I saw these pics and liked them immediately. Esp the one where they are destroying the kegs of beer

However, I thought: Man these people really liked their Orange DRINK.

I only drank a fair amount of soda when I was little, and even then I didn't like it very much. The mixed DRINK from the powders, also was another thing I didn't like. The bitter DURING and AFTER taste was horrid to me. AND, overly sweet.

 But the magic must have been in the orange in 1922 :)


Longing to read this book.

 I want to get it but I have so many books staring me in the face, DARING me to bring another one into the house before they revolt (while I sleep)


This was so nice
Curry roasted chicken

Pan sauteed bok  choi with mild herbs and spices

It was sooo delicious

Made me feel better
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