Friday, July 31, 2009

Because of Soda

I rarely drink soda.
It's just rare
If I do it's because I'm desperate
But Ever since Elly introduced me to Italian soda (with MONIN SYRUP) it's become a YUM thing with me
It's still rare but whenever I am in a coffee shop that has it I am tempted.

Believe it or not, in the picture I am looking at a Raspberry Italian Soda -made at the coffee shop, on my table at home and about to get up and go get it, when they got a shot of me.
We were watching the History Channel, They were going through history of food in America- Meat. They were onto Spam just then I believe.
the power of food

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The peppers!

I didn't taste the cheese

Oh the peppers were heavenly!

Best Idea

I thought this was really cool
Bamboo plates and cutlery

So cute too!

To make em last I would probably just serve cookies or dry stuff on them and wipe off because they are designed for just one use if you put ACTUAL food on them

Other than that so cute!

Setting a cute table

I thought this was the cutest idea
I like flowers but I like food better

I think Friends enjoy it too :)

The Candy Man Can

Cuz he mixes it with Love and makes the world taste good

Mmmmm....Chocolate and sugar covered goodies

I love to look at them

Never want to eat it even though I know they are delicious....
How can you be a foodie and refuse to eat this stuff on a daily basis?
Answer: Vicarious living

Not any more

I used to see Demarera sugar a lot when I was younger in Trini

I rarely see it anymore, so when I went to that store and saw It I got all excited

It looked like magic to me :)


My friend likes hot sauces from all over the world.

So I am on a pilgrimage to find all the hot sauces I can find (whenever I see them), and take a pic

Here is a nice one I saw


So cute

Only when I have time and space will I get these kitchen items

So cute

So happy :)


Dark chocolate with dried raspberry

Makes your tummy settle down...


We ate this in a hurry and then regretted deeply later when we saw a much nicer place.

I didn't finish the fries and took everything off the burger

We were starving but I could have held out for nicer food had I known..
I didn't feel good after that....

Out of Season

I never experienced these in Trinidad so I wouldn't know what they look like when they are ready to eat.

This makes me nostalgic for Tamarind in the pod and Sapodilla.

Food Bibles

Put me in any food related store that is cute and I am in heaven

I got my hands on all these books
Mangoes and Curry (my forte)

Bread Bible

Meat Bible

The Spice Bible

Cooking for the Jewish Home

Nigella Lawson (who I love because she doesn't care what anybody says about cooking with fat!)

Guac Off!!!!!

College cooking


All sundry other Books
The BEST time EVER!!!!!!!

Country BBQ

When you get even a little ways out of town everything gets 'country' and this is a GOOD thing.

I saw this cool barbeque pit and needed to get pics.


They barbeque outside and take it in to the tiny restaurant....

I should travel out and away more.


So I have been getting the red ones and they are all good and everything but yesterday a friend got these ones and I tried them

SOOOOO SOOOO good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe it was because I was starving but they were yum

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I am officially in love with video jug
This site shows step by step how to make English/British dishes.
I got the Toad in the Hole recipe and instructions from there and I tried it
Results: SUCCESS...but I only ate sausage because the Yorkshire pudding part is just all carby...
But I did want to try and make it so I did :)
(just cuz I make it doesn't mean I have to eat it)

Vermouth Experiments

I have a bottle of LeJon Dry Vermouth.
Its really Dry and a tiny bit bitter, so I've been experimenting.!1285.jpg
Expt 1: Vermouth and Pineapple juice with pineapple chunks
Result: Absolute Success! :)

Experiment 2: Vermouth on its own
Result: Don't try it

Experiment 3: Vermouth and Manadarin Orange juice
Result: Yummmmmmmmmmm

Experiment 4: Vermouth and Blueberries
Result: needs a sweet juice behind it

Monday, July 27, 2009


I was listening to Dave Chappelle (get your Africa tickets ready) talking about Grape Drink.
I loved that set of jokes because its kinda true.
However I never really liked DRINK when I was younger.
I never liked Kool Aid or those Flavored drinks.
Except if it was was in "penny cool".
You know in the frozen form in those long plastic bags (icy pop).
Recently I found "penny cool" again with Italian Ice flavors.
Man I went to TOWN on those.
My favorite was the GREEN
You know- apple.
Dave Chappelle had it right!
I am laughing now

News to me..

So I found out from my friend (and my sis confirmed) that Curry is England's new national dish.
Poor Fish and Chips!
Curry is good and easy.
I like it....
I can make curry ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Yes that includes curry mango Chutney!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Had a great time here...

Stories abound!

So so cool and funky...
I got a lesson about this Mexican beer brewed by German Brewers stationed in Mexico!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The one true

How fitting that the RING comes with a cookie
The ring came custom made from Hawaii

Rose gold with custom texturing
I love it...........
Congrats Crissy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Friend

Everybody wants to meet up now that is some time to do so. (SWEET!)

My friend took me to that Italian place that's Bella

I may go back. The food and atmosphere is great.

I ordered this but just ate the insides (not so much the bread)
I didn't eat the dollop of sweet potato salad either even though a small bit of it I did taste was really good.


When listening to the people 'jam out'

Killians Red in Guinness glasses :)

Table drum for the masses too!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jeepers creepers

Hung out with my friend with the great Peepers
He is going away so we agreed to hang out a couple times before he left
Here is what he had

I watched him eat

Made him laugh and this is what happened :)

Hanging out is great :)
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