Friday, October 23, 2009

Food things

Ok food things that cheer me up

1. Celery - cuz I get to dip in sesame orange honey dressing :)

2. Looking at cupcakes - they are so cute and you know they taste good

3. Nabisco chocolate chip cookies- anytime, anyplace.

4. Jasmine rice - because it reminds me of the first time I had Thai food. I was changed forever.

5. Thai soup. It makes me laugh. A vegetarian friend of mine had a ck experience that I always laugh about when I think of it.

6. Habanero peppers - just because

7. Portabello mushrooms when I am in a vegetarian for the day mood

8. Cold hot chocolate with bits of dark chocolate candy in it.

9. Sweet potato- fries, pie, decadent carbs

10. Eggplant- so many ways to cook it

11. Pretty, chic, sophisticated, low lighted restaurants

12. Hole in the wall restaurants in far away towns, that nobody knows about.

13. Pretty plate ware

14. Wooden bowl ware

15. Amuse bouche

16. Dark restaurants at night when its raining outside

17. Warm (not hot) food

18. Cold (not warm) pastry

19. Sauces- doesn't matter what. Just sauces

20. Eating with people - not fast food

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