Friday, October 23, 2009

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Food Questionnaire

1. Do you eat a nutrition/fun bars for example luna bars etc?? What's your favorite?
No. I tried to a couple of times and they were gross.

2. Do you eat food when you are sad
No I generally can't eat when I am sad or stressed or agitated or anything like that

3. Do you eat breakfast?
No. Too stressy to do first thing in the morning

4. Favorite ingredients?
Marjoram, Dried onion, habanero pepper, garlic, Thyme, Rosemary, dill

5. What is your favorite frugal/cheap trick to save money in the grocery store
I generally buy in bulk and then plan meals around what I have in the pantry.

6. Dream food related job?
Tons of them! Research Chef who writes as a critic, and does TV would be the Ultimate! :)

7. What one bad food habit do you own up to?
Rushing to finish eating so I can do other things.

8. Favorite food events?
Cooking Demos like at Epcot or at IFT RCA sessions, f ood festivals, and dining with people

9. Desserts?
Cakey and creamy stuff

10. Favorite Carbs?
Rice and Potatoes mmmmmmm

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