Friday, October 26, 2012

Saddest non dinner ever

SO remember that show scandal?
I'm not writing just because I liked the show, this scene was entirely too good wrt food
They get Olivia to go to the restaurant, and she thinks she is meeting CY.
  Instead they clear it out SLICK, while she is texting and the president shows up
They then proceed with the saddest non dinner in the history

I mean, I was sitting there feeling sad for the both of them, half thinking "Yeh that's about right" and "Nooooooo"
 This can't be good for me

Anyways it's only one hour per week
But I really can't do this kind of stress.
See Olivia's sad face and Fitz' sad face?
That was mine too- We all have done that type of sad before so we know it well.
  But the story is so good. The interesting part is that they chose to do the scene  with the food pretext.
 Watch the show. Get the lines. No spoilers here (except for the pics)

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