Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Film and food

I like when there is a pivotal food scene in a movie that has very little to do with food
In A Woman Under The Influence
Peter Falk's character has his work mates over for lunch and  it's an uncomfortable business because everybody can tell that there is something a little bit off with his wife played by Gena Rowland
 She is pleasant, but overly so
Nice but overly so
 Intrusive in a weirdly sweet way having come off a night bender
Poor Peter Falk. I thought he was fighting back tears the whole time.

Meanwhile this scene was important to bring reality to what was going on in the house when nobody else from the outside is around to see.

Nothing like food to get things going.

 And somebody yelling to make things really uncomfortable
This movie was very good but very sad. Just FYI. It kinda made me feel ill but it was a great movie.

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