Friday, May 25, 2012

Beside myself

Yes I was beside myself with joy over this creation.
I wanted to make BREAD but I can't have flour at all, and the types of grain I can have is limited to like one (oats) - and sparingly. Pretty soon I won't have any type of grain. SO like THIS great flax, grain free recipe I tried mine.

So I used Flax. I like the dark flax but other prefer golden flax

Then I blitzed a little oatmeal

Along with some sunflower seeds

Then I mixed with the flax

Added some baking powder and vegetable oil.

Till it looked like so

Then raisins

Then  added boiling water to bind.
I shaped into little breads

Baked at 350 for 25 mins

The house smells great.

It tastes delicious.

The rasisns give a POP of sweetness that is so good.
You can eat with anything. I recommend eating it hot with some butter (if you can eat butter) or whatever spread you have
Sooo delish. Tastes exactly like bread. I ate two of these straight from the oven as is.
When i feel for bread I can have it. Yay for flax.


gfe--gluten free easily said...

Hi Marsha--I'm so glad you made a variation of the Golden Flax Bread from my gfe site that you enjoy so much! :-) The first time I made it I was so impressed. Since then I've made other variations. Here's my current favorite: But all are good!


Marsha said...

Thanks Shirley!
I will def check it out! :)

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