Sunday, August 23, 2009


Cris got engaged, so we went out for the engagement dinner

Mint Restaurant was definitely a great choice
They had Tapas that were the size of meals
Other Entrees and Appetizers
We rarely ever get dessert because we are always full by the time the main meal ends.
We wanted to get a special dessert for them but I think that we can save it for the next time we all roll out together
I had eggplant stacked with Mozzerella cheese and red peppers.

That was extremely good. Llike a Layering of the flavors.
I usually can only order vegetarian when I go out these days lol!

Cris had Risotto balls and Shrimp with Corn meal patty

Flor had Pasta

Z had Quesadillas (fancy)

M had Hamburger

R had ultimate mac and cheese. Cris said it wasn't like the REAL gourmet mac and cheese we had at the other place.

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