Thursday, January 15, 2015

Add to the list

Black bean soup is a HIT!!!
This is the food that he grabbed the spoon to feed himself for :)
Fish (carite) is a hit
Tuna is a hit
Jerk Chicken is a hit
Lentil soup is a hit
Almond milk is a hit!
Curry Chicken is a hit
Ripe plantains (fried) is a hit!!!
Hummus is one of the biggest hits
Spinach soup is a hit if flavored with curry chicken sauce
Tomato chow was not a hit

He also insists on watching me cook so I describe the process, when I add what and how much and stirring the pot

I got him his own wodden spoon so he can stir his pot/shoebox

He says banana and onion when we go to the store :)
He likes onion in chicken live pate (another BIG hit)

I am soooo happy he likes to eat what I eat.
It makes life easier for me.

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