Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Babette's feast went all the way out with the food.

They really brought it

The story seems very simple but it really isn't at all.

I highly recommend it because it's a journey that most of us have been through whether we know it or not
 Whether we acknowledge it or choose not to
It is at the feast itself that we see that the lesson has been learned (whereas we weren't quite sure before)
I am so glad that NOW is when I am seeing this movie, as opposed to before, when everything seemed so bothersome

If you are expecting high and fast paced drama, this is not the film.
 You have to sit quietly by yourself. 
At night, or late evening. Something warm to drink, with some light refreshment, and enjoy it by yourself.

You have to be alone, because you need to be able to reflect on yourself, by yourself

I think that is the best way.

Meanwhile, I loved the locations they chose. From the town by the sea, to the shops, etc.

I love the costumes and the food
I love the actors and the dialogue
The dialogue was limited.
With good reason. There was no need for a lot of it
 Each course took you through the lesson that you should be learning
 Each course is prepared long enough and consumed long enough to get you to think
If you aren't prepared, you may wonder why things are taking so long to move along
 However, it's not for the story's sake but for your own.
 I haven't been this excited about food in a movie for so long...

Of course the food preparation and the consumption (you can tell by now) I really thoroughly enjoyed. 
All of it was salient to the plot
This is one of the best movies I've seen, with such a good message
 So I give it a big yay!

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