Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Well I have to say this. Frits are good but fruits are a trip of gargatuan proportions
All good intentions aside
 Fruit will spoil so you can only buy a certain amount every time you go out.
This increases the number of time you have to go to the store

This is not the best thing for me since I just like to buy a bunch of stuff and have them last a long time. However

I am going to try it this way
I am also trying to go full organic and non GM. EVen though I studied GM in university and a lot of it was fine, I really don't know what all they have come up with and are doing on the low.
Simple manual pollination is considered GM but  I imagine that more complicated GM are taking place now.
Whenever you GM something the protein structure changes. When you consume something with modiefied protein structure, the interaction with proteins in your body may change.
It may not be good for your body.
Anyway I really do feel better eating this way
So we shall see

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