Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Teach me

At Raw Soul they make these dishes
I want to learn how to make them
I am sure I can make some but I want to make it their way...

Barbeque Burger
Burger made with walnuts, carrots, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion,
 fresh cilantro, red bell pepper, topped with our home-made barbecue
sauce, and sprouts, served on napa cabbage or flax bread
Personal Pizza (8")
A crunchy crust made with sprouted buckwheat, carrots, and flax,
topped with a walnut/brazil nut cheese and sun-dried tomato pizza sauce.
Toppings include choice of mushrooms, onions, low-sodium black olives,
scallions, red bell peppers, fresh basil

Pesto Pizza (8")

Same pizza as above, but with pesto pizza sauce instead of
sun-dried tomato pizza sauce. Pesto sauce made with pine nuts,
 basil, parsley, lemon and olive oil.

Wrap (See Board for Daily Selection)

A variety of pates are stuffed in a collard leaf or a home-made flax tortilla,
 topped with vegetables and sprouts


Two flax tortillas stuffed with net meat and chile, topped with salsa and
pine nut cheese, garnished with black olives


Marinated vegetables, pine nut "cheeses" in a savory nut crust, served on a
bed of spinach greens


Our classic vegetarian lasagna with zucchini noodles, walnut cheese and
sun-dried  tomato marinara sauce

Tamale Pie

A spicy nut meat, layered with our famous chile and topped with corn bread,
served on a bed of spinach greens

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