Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Jubilee chef

I wondered what kind of food they would serve for the Jubilee celebration. Coronation chicken of course.
Then I saw on he first day of the celebration, they prepared some quail scotch eggs
For the picnic the head chef was Heston Blumenthal (glasses)
They made up picnic hampers for 1200 guests to eat on the Windsor lawn
Here is the list

 Chilled country garden soup comprised of baby plum tomatoes and a mint-infused oil, Lapsang Souchong 
Tea-smoked Scottish salmon 
Diamond Jubilee chicken.
Sandringham Strawberry Crumble Crunch with fruit. meringue, cream and an oat-crumble topping
Chocolate cakes featuring gold crowns and topped with popping candy
Lemon and caraway madeira cake 
 I dunno...They say that's the list but in the pics I see extra things  like
Chutney, Oat biscuits. bread roll, and crudite
I didn't see cheeseboard I just saw a block of cheese
I would have enjoyed some of this...

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