Friday, June 22, 2012

Food in film

The first in a series of important moments in the movie London River
 Occurs in the kitchen

The second major one occurs very close to an ethnic butcher and bakery

It gives a clue as to what is to come

I particularly liked Sotigui Kouyaté in this film
He gave some sad spirit to the film and drew you in
The film is very very sad and really really good
You definitely have to look at pretty pictures and have happy music when you are done with this
 It's the sort of film where you feel very hurt, because the people don't communicate well till very late when they really should have very early.
It's a shame but it all came together...still very sad. A great story
The point is that many of the strongest moments of the film, contained images of food or people interacting with or around food. Just a reminder. It's very sad

Food and film...

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