Saturday, May 12, 2012

Experiment with eggplant

I  wanted to try eggplant fries. So I got some eggplant

Wash and cut the like so

Then made these little fries

Then I salted them like so to get out the bitter

This is the bitter and excess liquid - takes up to 40 mins to get this out

Then I rinsed off the salt. (I recommend you do this twice because the salt gets in there)
Then drain and pat dry. I kinda squeezed them to get the liquid out.

THEN I seasoned them and tossed in a little oil.

Like so. Season to taste but add some breadcrumbs- that helps with the crisping

Then I put them on these sheets like so

And so. Spread them apart because you don't want them to steam

Place in a pre-heated oven at 400F for 40 mins
You gotta check them and turn them a little and gently

You are gonna get scared that they are getting mushy...BUT the trick is that they have to cook, then DRY stay the course. Just keep and eye on them

Then you get this :)

It's crunchy and gooooooooooood
I ate mine with some bok choi mmmmmmm.

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