Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Tamarind Chutney

I've had tamarind pulp sitting there doing nothing for a while so I decides to make a nice chutney to put on food

I don't usually have pure sugar on hand to sweeten anything so I used some cranberry sauce and apple jelly I had on hand

Whenever I want to sweeten anything I use apple jelly or raisins

The jelly also helps to thicken things up because of the gelatin in it

SO I set the water to boil

Added the jellies

Broke up the tamarind pulp block (Black as night)

Added it to the boiling water
Added pepper and garlic.
No salt since the pepper sauce I prepared has enough

Then I left it to boil

Then simmer till the chutney tasted how I wanted it to taste, and it was to the desired thickness
prep time takes no time at all.

It takes maybe 30 minutes or so for the chutney to be done...


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