Monday, April 23, 2012


Everybody knows my history with onion
That i despise onion
That I think it's gross
That I can't stand it
UNLESS it's cooked to dark brown
Then it's sweet and tastes soooo good
Well I wanted to experiment so I bought a bag of onion
YES a BAG. Believe me I stood in front of the onion section a good 10 minutes deciding
I got it

Then did this. Cutting technique be hanged. I chopped every which way but I left the root part on while chopping because I don't like the burning eye feeling.

This. Medium heat for a fairly long time. However the place smells good while it's cooking down

This. I need it all to go really dark. Really dark doesn't mean that it is burnt and it certainly does not taste burnt. Also it smells een better than before.

and this. It's getting there. This is what 2 onions goes down to...

Ate it with THIS

And some of my 'eggplant bacon'. This tasted really good.

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