Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Utlimate snack

Everything seems to be off limits food - wise these days
Icecream is one thing that will make me ill
So I found this GREAT alternative
Banana icecream
With one ingredient
Bananas :)

Get the really ripe bananas - even more ripe than these

Peel and cut

Like so
Then place in baggies or a container

I cut two bananas per bag
Then freeze (I froze overnight but it can be for longer than that (but at least two hours is best)
Then into the food processor

It looks like this

Then this

Then this

Eventually starts to smoothen out and get silky

Then serve

Like so

Its creamy and delicious and has the texture of icecream
When you are done blitzing you can eat it or just re freeze for however long you want

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