Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nut Cheese

I saw the Macadamia Nut cheese made on the raw food site so I decided to try it

I used a mixture of nuts

I had to soak them
I separated the almonds

so that I could remove the skins afterward
There is a lot of fat released from nuts when you soak them
Four hours especially
Cashews seem to have a lot of fat.
It gets kinda slimy when you soak them because of the fat
When you remove the nuts from the water, you can see the fat in the water shining from the

Very pretty and gross at the same time
Then I put it in the food processor

With some acidophilous and garlic (yes its a fermented cheese)

Then Pulse

Add a mixture of water, lemon, salt and some parsley
Till it gets like so

Then use this stuff

To start the drainage and fermentation in a fairly warm place for hours

It's kinda cold in the house so I will put in the cupboard as it drains and ferments
Covered and weighted
It will take 36 to 48 hrs they say...

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