Monday, December 07, 2009

Ok Ok Ok

People are going to think I like this guy for all the shallow reasons.
But that is soooo not true.

When I first saw him on Chef Academy I didn't think much of him.
Then I heard him speak, and I started to look at him.
I heard how he talked about food, and how he prepared it and I saw how good his food was, and how nice he was to everyone.
He is just kind and talked to everyone and so willing to help. I just like when people are kind. I am immediately drawn to anyone who is kind.
His passion for food and cooking made me like him regardless of what he was doing a his past career. That is is past.
So I dearly like him
Emmanuel Delcour (plus his name is hot lol)
Yay! :)

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Anonymous said...

I agree. When I first saw him on Chef Academy, I was drawn to him instantly. The kindness in his eyes, the smile, his laid back personality. I knew he looked familiar but I could not place him and I am very good at faces. Now, every time I saw him on the show, he has this thing about him that you can't help but smile while watching him. When his past career came up, so that was where I remember him from. I was just as drawn to him then from one of his movies as Jean as I was to him on Chef Academy. He is definately a man of many talents and that is always very attractive in a man. But it's mostly about who he is as a person and it shows. You know, I can go on and on but you get the idea. He should be on the cover of people magazine's most beautiful people.

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