Monday, November 16, 2009


Well I still scout for the documentary and this is one thing I came up with.

The lady in charge is so nice and helpful.

You know when you ask someone for help and they play games as if they are going to help you, get all the information they can from you and then proceed to be negative about what you are doing? Well I am finding that That's the exception, not the rule.

When we started these projects I got one reaction like that but thankfully I blew it off. Everybody is eager to be a help!

YAY for greatness!

She gave me every single piece of contact information she had
I took of course and she is brilliant on camera

I can't wait!

The produce here is all organic

All local, and fresh

I had a great time just staring at everything.

Some producers also make soap and this is what it looked liked packaged.

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