Sunday, November 22, 2009


I finally made the sweet potato cheese cake.
Granted I had my sis on the phone guiding me through the process but it worked out for the best.
Let my cream cheese soften (3 of the 8oz blocks)

Add powdered sugar (I use powdered because its easier to cream into the cheese) 1 1/4 cup.

Cream together

Add one of the three eggs

Add one pound of sweet potato...

I had two pounds so I will use the rest to make pancakes or something.

Add the other eggs and some lemon juice (to cut the freshness of the egg)

Mix that all together so it combines. Don't mix to incoporate air because since you have eggs in there, if you have too much air incorportaed, strange things happen in the oven and your mixture will rise then fall and crack.
Then you are outta luck :(

Add vanilla essence if you want (I didn't)
Pour into crust (I bought a graham 10 inch crust to save time but next time I will make it myself)

Place in preheated 350 degree oven. Bake for about 45 mins

Take out and cool, then refrigerate for at least three hours

Then yum yum yum.
This was sooo easy to make!
Next time I am using an oreo crust.

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