Thursday, June 04, 2009

strawberry cherry intensity

You need all of this when your group decides to get together and watch teeny bopper drama.

I loved this movie (because it made me laugh, when it was supposed to be serious).

I imagine if I were 12 I would adore it...but I seriously doubt that...

When I was 12 I was different lol..

I laughed and laughed and we gawked and gawked and made comments...that's the best thing about watching DVDs at home lol!Much as I like Vampyre lore, this had to be one of the dumbest movies I have ever seen.
I still like Robert Pattinson for the same reason everyone else likes him. . He was sweet in The Goblet of Fire. The hero, could do no wrong, brave, popular, sporty, adventurous, gorgeous, friendly, honorable and on and on.
So what better way to celebrate that, than with strawberries and cherries, pizza, salad and banana bread. Then watch the trailer of New Moon with your friends because the werewolf boys look damned good! :)

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